Want to start your own profitable business?

“Earn up to £15k p/m with your own gutter cleaning and repair franchise. Make 2023 the year that will change your life forever!”

Want to start your own profitable business?

“Earn up to £15k p/m with your own gutter cleaning and repair franchise. Make 2023 the year that will change your life forever!”

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YES! I’m Interested…

YES! I’m Interested…

This could be the opportunity you’ve been looking for, A FRESH START, a new career thats exciting and rewarding, and one that gives you the freedom and ability to EARN MORE MONEY whilst being your own boss.

I know what your thinking!
Gutter Cleaning Van

“WAIT… What is a Franchise?”

I’m glad you asked! A franchise is a ready-made business model with a proven track record that offers individuals a super-charged way to start running your own profitable business without having to start from scratch!

..here are some of our benefits!

A franchise gives you…


Work with a proven business formula which has been delevoped over many years by extensivley testing and adapting our service, operations, and administration to improve and maximise results..

You’ll get to use the reputable, eye-catching and the unique Sudell Gutter Cleaning brand, with a good presence in the market which has stood the test of time with outstanding customer reviews.

  • Use our proven business formula

  • The rights to company logos and branding

  • Hundreds of 5* reviews already collected

  • Good press and awards achieved

NO previous experience required…


“The more you Learn, the more you earn!”

You will become a PRO as you are trained by the experts. You will learn everything you need to know about running a rewarding and highly successful business. You will;

  • Learn our proven methods to generate leads, convert leads into sales and how to maximise the value of each job.

  • Learn the intelligent ways of how we efficiently coordinate day to day operations to maximise profits and cut the fat.

  • Master how to install and repair gutters properly enabling you to confidently guarantee your repairs to your customers.

  • Learn some of our profound and fundamental tactics which can dramatically increase the value of each and every one of your jobs.

  • Learn skills on how to work safely, productively, and more effectively. Learn how to build trust and communicate with your customers properly.

  • Learn how-to effortlessly manage your daily business operations such as accounting, quotes & invoices using our specific app.

Adopt our SECRETS to…


Remove the stress of not knowing how to market and advertise effectively. We show you exactly how to generate leads. Adopt our advertsing campaigns with access to our digital graphics, pre-designed digital ads, unique leaflets, business cards and landing pages. We also teach you how to sell, and close the deals, including the principle that sky-rocket earning potential.

  • Use our most profitable advertising campaigns
  • Pre designed leaflets and business cards
  • Online presence with high converting, lead generating landing pages
  • Sky-rocket your earnings – Learn our proven sales tactics

Use the best of the best…


You will get to use the coolest, most sophisticated, high-tech tools and equipment, giving you the POWER to deliver an EXCEPTIONAL SERVICE, while turning heads and looking the part. Hit the ground running with the stock required to start your business quickly.

  • Specialist tools and equipment

  • Helping you deliver exceptional service whilst making your life easier!
  • Online presence with high converting, lead generating landing pages

Secure your area…


We will give you exclusive rights to a specific territory where you can build your new and exiting client base. A suitable size territory is allocated to help you grow your business and allowing you the scope and opportunity to expand to a fleet of vans!

  • Get your guaranteed territory.

  • Once they’re gone, they’re gone! Don’t miss out!
  • Limited availability and opportunities.

Your not alone…

Ongoing Support

You are NOT alone! Being part of the Sudell venture, we continue to support you and your business with knowledge, essential training, and updates, and as our network grows you will get the opportunity to collaborate and affiliate with fellow franchisees.

  • Be part of a network of like-minded people.
  • Get help with any problems that arise quickly and easily.
  • Limited availability and opportunities.

Here’s some of the things that you will get!

The Franchise Package

GUESS WHAT… It dosent stop there!

“Not only can we can help you get the funding to start your own franchise, we also GUARANTEE* £6k within your first 3 months of trading!

Sales guarantee within your first 3 months of trading.
Up to 100% funding via the Governments Start-up Loan Scheme.

* These are potential earning figures only and no guarantee of earnings can be given to you. As with any business opportunity your ultimate success will depend on your hard work and efforts.

NB. Buying a Franchise is an important decision. We always recommend that you have the Franchise Contract and Potential Earning Figures reviewed by the relevant professionals.

Check out what others think of this opportunity!

“My best month is £15.3k!, I love my job, it’s the best decision i’ve ever made, You’d be stupid not to!”

So what’s it going to be?

“This opportunity really has the power to change your life forever… but nothing will ever change UNLESS you take the first step!

Have you got what it takes?

We want enthusiastic people who are hard working, interested in starting their own business, like being outdoors in the fresh air, and who want the ability to earn more money. You don’t need any specific qualifications, but you must be willing to learn and most importantly be a good decision maker. Limited opportunities are available and not all applicants will be successful.



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