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Have you got an old, leaking roof? Get a high quality and reliable EPDM rubber roof membrane professionally installed, perfect for re-roofing any type of flat roof including garages, extensions, outbuildings, and bay windows

A EPDM rubber roof is far superior to felt, and has a much longer lifespan with a 50+ year life expectancy. Our rubber roof installations are backed by a 20 year membrane guarantee.

Our EPDM roofs are securley adhered to a new timber deck, removing the need for any stones or other ballast to hold the roof down. EPDM is UV resistant and maintenance free, no need to paint or apply any coating.

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Gutter Cleaning Inspection

FREE Roof Inspection

Before you commit to any roofing service, you can benefit from our free roof inspection service, exclusively provided by Sudell. One our experienced team members will check your roof to check the condition and state of repair. We can provide free quotes for a new rubber roof installation.

Futhermore, for your peace of mind and to prevent any future surprises, your inspection will be completed by a trained expert and will include a valuable check over your roof, tiles/pointing, soffit, fascias, valleys, and gutters checking for good condition and order.

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Our Range of Gutter Services

Gutter Inspections


Informative roof, gutter and drain inspections

Whats the problem?

Let Sudell Gutter Services provide you with a free gutter inspection. One of our trained experts will find the problem quickly so it can be put right quickly.

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Professional gutter cleaning and drain cleaning

Unblock Gutters & Drains

Professional gutter cleaning and drain unblocking using specialist gutter cleaning equipment allowing safe and effective gutter and drain cleaning.

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Gutter Repair Service


Guaranteed gutter repairs completed by experts

Damaged or Leaking Gutters?

Guaranteed gutter repairs completed by trained gutter experts. Don’t leave it to chance, we will fix it first time, every time!

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UPVC Gutter Cleaning


Top-rated UPVC gutter washing and restoring

Transform the look of your home!

Scrub up those tierd gutters, soffits and fascias and make your home stand out from the crowd!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. A rubber roof is far more superior than a felt roof and has a much longer lifespan.

A new rubber roof is guaranteed for 20 year but has a life expectancy of 50+ years.

Yes, absolutley we can provide a free quote. Please contact us to arrange a booking, and one of our friendly team will come out to measure up and discuss your requirements. We will always bring samples and explain the process.

No, you don’t need to be in when we come as long as we can get access to your roof. If we are providing you with a free inspection or quote, we will contact you via phone to discuss the inspection result or email you with a quote to confirm the problem and cost.

Installing a new rubber roof requires the old roof to be removed. It is expected that this will create a element of mess, but rest assured that we like to work in a organised and mess-free enviroment, so any mess we create will be cleaned up.

Once the roof has been installed we will ensure no mess is left behind, you won’t even know we’ve been.

Our weekends book up quickly, but we are happy to arrange a weekend clear with no extra cost.

We make it easy for you by accepting a multitude of payment options.

  • Cash / Cheque
  • Bank Transfer
  • Debit / Credit Card
  • PayPal

EPDM Rubber Roof Facts

EPDM, which stands for Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer is a rubber membrane that has been fitted to millions of flat roofs worldwide since the first Firestone rubber roofs were installed  in 1980.

It has several major advantages over other flat roofing systems like felt, butyl, asphalt and GRP (fibreglass). These include being flexible so it can expand and contract with the building as temperatures vary, plus being completely inert, so unaffected by heat or light. This means it doesn’t shrink or crack.

It is also available in very large sheets, meaning most domestic and some commercial installations (depending on size) can be fitted in one piece. If you want a flat roof that will not let you down in years to come, you need an EPDM roof, fitted by Rain Defence Roofing!

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EPDM Rubber Roof Prices

Please contact to arrange a booking so we can measure up your project and provide you with a competitive quote. Save 10% off our EPDM Rubber Roof prices if you are a Senior citizen or you and a neighbour book a EPDM Rubber Roof at the same time.

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    Hi, I’m Martin a EPDM Rubber Roof Installer. I’m an expert in Roof, Gutter and Drainage Services. I can help you fix old leaking roofs by installing a new EPDM rubber roof. Give me a call, I’m always happy to help!

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