Gutter Cleaning Facts

Its a fact that gutter cleaning is dirty work, and it can be dangerous, but everybody has to do it. We tend to forget about our gutters until its too late, only then do we realise how important they are and why regular gutter cleaning maintenance is essential.

Did you know your gutters consistantly fill up with debris from your roof. It’s not just leaves that clog gutters, twigs, roof moss, and other roofing material including silt, concrete/mortor and broken tiles are commonly found blocking up gutters and drains. More unpleasant gutter matter include dead birds, bird nests and of course bird poop.

It’s not suprising that vegitation can thrive in your gutters. Grass and weeds grow easily in the gutter debris and have a continuous supply of sun and rain water allowing them to flourish.The build up of this debris has the potential to cause big problems that can be dramatic, costly and unplesant, but you can easily avoid the drama if you clean out your gutters regularly.

5 Facts about Gutter Cleaning

  1. Many home insurance companies require properties to be maintained appropiately including regular gutter cleaning maintenance and may be a clause in your home insurance policy.
  2. It is common for drains to become blocked if debris from gutters gets washed down  the fallpipe and into the drains.
  3. Regular gutter cleaning can prevent leaking joints, sprained fascia brackets and damage to the fascia boards and guttering.
  4. Gutter cleaning debris can contain substances hazardous to your health.
  5. Many injuries and deaths are caused from falls from heights from gutter cleaning maintenance.

Gutter cleaning is usually recommended a minimum of once per year.We can keep track of your gutter cleaning schedule for you so you can set and forget. Contact us today.

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