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Harley’s Triumph: A Journey of Determination

Harley, one of our dedicated gutter maintenance technicians, embarked on a remarkable journey towards completing a half marathon. In mid-July, their longest run spanned just 2.5 miles, making the prospect of consistently covering 13.1 miles a daunting challenge.

With a mere 10 weeks remaining until the half marathon, Harley pursued their goal with unwavering commitment, accumulating the necessary miles through a rigorous training routine.

Harley’s decision to unite with two like-minded friends, sharing the same mission, exemplified their ability to construct a robust support network. Together, they channeled their collective determination into raising funds for Dreamflights, a prominent UK charity dedicated to empowering children with serious illnesses or disabilities. This philanthropic endeavor showcased their profound motivation to make a difference.

Dreamflight’s mission, providing once-in-a-lifetime Orlando holiday experiences to children facing health challenges, has the potential to be genuinely transformative. It offers young individuals an opportunity to embrace independence, cultivate confidence, and nurture a fresh perspective beyond the constraints of medicine.

Harley’s participation in organised races left a profound impact, underlining their unwavering dedication and the substantial effort invested in their training. The immediate sense of accomplishment upon crossing the finish line attested to their commitment and determination.

Yet, Harley’s journey holds one regret – the choice not to take a day off from work immediately after the race, underscoring their unwavering dedication. This narrative is a testament to Harley’s determination, resilience, and ability to overcome challenges, qualities that undoubtedly enhance our team and organisation

Well done Harley!


Harley Sudell Gutter Cleaning Technician

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