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Mainline Gutter Cleaning Maintenance

Gutter Cleaning Maintenance at Mainline, Derby

Here is a good example of another commercial gutter cleaning maintenance job at Mainline in Derby which is part of BT.


Like many commercial properties, this building has deep valley box gutters that run down each side of the building and some are located behind a parapet column making the gutters difficult to access. The parapet column creates a trapping point and directs debris straight into the gutter and hinders its ability to disperse.

Upon inspection it was evident that the gutters were jam-packed with leaves. Large tuffs of grass and weeds had sprouted in most areas of the gutter which were growing in size and density, blocking the gutter and the outlets. The build up of gutter waste was so bad, it was preventing rainwater from draining away properly causing it to overflow.

Valley gutter cleaning

The first thing we needed to do was remove all the bulky waste from the valley gutters and bag it accordingly. We then swept the remaining gutter waste from one side of the gutter to the other into strainers to drain the rainwater. The final bits of slurry that remained was scooped out to leave the gutters perfectly clean.

The next step was to remove the drainpipe filters to clean them and outlets. Furthermore, a thorough check of the downpipes was necessary before refitting the drainpipe filters to complete the gutter cleaning section. Each gutter section was cleaned out until all of the gutter waste was removed and the gutters were free draining.

Flat roof cleaning

As part of our service, we decided to clean off the waste from a flat roof that was present. The build up of moss and sludge in this area was working its way into the gutter, so we stopped it in its tracks to make sure the gutters remain free of debris for longer. Our gutter cleaning vacuum came in handy for this, making it easier for us to clean up the wet sludgy mess .

Drainpipe Filters

It was good to see that most of the outlets were protected by drainpipe filters which are designed to catch large chunks of debris to protect the drainpipe and the drains from blockages. Blockages in the drainpipe and/or in the drains is common on unprotected outlets, and can cause significant problems which can be more difficult to resolve. Catching the debris before it goes down the drainpipe will prevent blockages and make it easier to clean the gutters. Filters in the outlets could save you hundreds of pounds from drain unblocking services..

Ongoing Gutter Maintenance

Mainline and Sudell Gutter Cleaning have coordinated a regular gutter cleaning maintenance schedule to keep the gutters clean, free flowing and in good working condition. This will prevent gutter problems in the future and will give Mainline management the peace of mind that the gutters will be able to handle heavy downpours when they next occur.


The management at Mainline have coordinated regular gutter cleaning maintenance to prevent gutter problems that lead to damage and loss caused by flooding and leaks. If you require some help with your commercial gutter cleaning please contact one of our branches who will be happy to help.



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