Gutter Cleaning and Gutter Repairs
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PMB Pallet Express Gutter Maintenance

Gutter cleaning maintenance at the PMB Pallet Express warehouse in Ilkeston.

The rear of the PMB building is surrounded by tall trees which has been dropping large amounts of debris onto the roof. This has been causing blockages in the gutter and the downpipes which need regular cleaning.

How do I know if my downpipe is blocked?

Sudell Gutter Cleaning completed their first gutter cleaning visit which involved removing vegetation and debris from the gutters and unblocking the outlets and downpipes.

The condition of the guttering systems were not good. The excessive weight from the debris had caused the gutter joints to pull away from the fascias boards. This resulted in damage to the brickwork and large damp patches.

Once the guttering systems and downpipes were cleaned and unblocked, we were able to revisit to install large downpipe filters to protect the drainage below ground. We replaced all failing gutter joints and sealed to offer long lasting protection.

We have now arranged with PMB Pallet Express to return every 6 months to complete regular gutter maintenance. We have repaired the gutter joints which is covered by our gutter repairs 12 month guarantee. Our guarantee will be extended after each gutter cleaning maintenance visit has been completed.

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