Gutter Cleaning and Gutter Repairs
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Gutter Cleaning using a WHOPPING 56m Access Platform!

Buildings come in all shapes and sizes, therefore, rainwater guttering is sometime difficult to access and requires specialist tools and equipment along with the right training and experience to be able to maintain them safely.

This particular job is a prime example of what can be achieved and showcases what is required to maintain gutters on a complex building.

First of all access to the gutters is not possible using ladders, harnesses and ropes, (no man safe system available) and cannot even be cleaned out using gutter vacs from the ground due to the sheer size of the gutters and the outreach required.

A small access platform would have been unable to reach out to all of the areas with guttering due to the footprint of the estate. This required something much bigger!

We opted to use a whopping 56m articulated boom lift which would allow us safe access to the guttering enabling us to clean them out properly and to check the gutters integrity.

Gutters on these types of buildings usually get neglected due the the inability to access them and clean them out regularly. This results in the ability for more dense and damaging vegetation to grow in the gutters along with a mountain of other debris. This ultimately blocks the gutters and harbours rainwater for long periods of time. As a consequence, gutters will degrade much quicker than expected and will likely develop cracks, rust and rot and general damage to the roofline, leading to potentially very expensive and disruptive repair and replacement bills.

In total we managed to remove approx 300kg of vegetation and other debris from these large box gutters, and with equal importance unblock the outlets to enable rainwater to flow freely again.

During the service our team inspected the gutters for faults and reported them back to the client.

With the gutters now in a much more maintainable condition, future gutter cleaning visits will be quicker and less disruptive. We would highly recommend that you consider cleaning out and maintaining your gutters no matter what type of building you have. In doing this, you are less likely to have the stress and inconvenience of the expensive alternative.

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