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Sudell gutter repairs are covered by an extendable* 12 month guarantee (terms and conditions apply)

Your local Sudell technician will present a Gutter Repair Guarantee Card on completion of a gutter repair.

Furthermore, we will guarantee the repair for a further 12 months each time you complete your annual gutter cleaning maintenance with Sudell Gutter Cleaning, after all, many gutter problems are initially caused from the lack of routine gutter maintenance.

Simply get your gutter repair guarantee card stamped by the Sudell technician each time they have cleaned your gutters.

Gutter Repair Guarantee Card FinalGutter Repair Guarantee Card

Benefits of a Gutter Repair Guarantee

Gutter Repairs

What happens if my gutter repair fails?

If your gutter repair proves to have failed within your guarantee period and within the terms and conditions, contact our office and one of our friendly team members will organise for your local Sudell technician to attend and complete a re repair absolutely free of charge or your money back.


‘Gutter clean’ / ‘gutter cleaning’ means to clean out the gutters of debris and excludes cleaning the exterior surfaces. ‘We’ refers to the original Sudell gutter cleaning franchise as detailed on the corresponding invoice.

Terms and conditions

The gutter repair must be detailed on the invoice referenced on the repair guarantee card. A gutter repair refund is only applicable on the specific / individual gutter repair completed that has failed, refunded at the original value of that specific repair. Excludes repairs to asbestos, or cast iron gutters unless otherwise stated on the invoice. Excludes repairs documented as a temporary repair. The guarantee will be rendered null and void in the event of;

  • Unprecedented weather or natural disaster.
  • Gutter maintenance or alteration completed by anyone other than the Sudell gutter cleaning franchise that carried out the original gutter repair..
  • Exterior cleaning using water-fed poles other than for the purpose of window cleaning.
  • Any roofing work completed without notifying us first, including but not limited to roofing installation, alteration, repairs and cleaning.