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Expert gutter repairs by Sudell Gutter Cleaning™. Our 5 star, top-rated gutter repair service is always in high demand because finding a good, trust-worthy roofing company is hard to find. Our servicemen are not just glorified gutter cleaners, they are highly trained gutter installers with many years experience in rainwater drainage system installation, repair and maintenance. If you have a gutter problems, our job is to use our expertise to find and fix your gutters safely using the correct tools and access equipment.

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12 mth Gutter Repair Guarantee

It’s done right first time. Sudell provide first-class repairs using proper methods and techniques to ensure the gutter repair lasts. For your peace of mind we confidently guarantee our gutter repairs with a 12 month repair guarantee. Terms & conditions apply.

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Gutter Repair Problems

Leaking, overflowing, or damaged gutters can cause huge problems for you and your home if not fixed promptly. Most gutter related issues are caused by the lack of building maintenance such as gutter cleaning and fixing gutter problems quickly. It is advisable to complete gutter cleaning and gutter repairs routinely.

Penetrating damp is a common problem that many homeowners experience. This can be a result of water regularly splashing against an exterior wall, which absorbs through the bricks, or through loose motor and other gaps. This often results in mold, bubbling paint, loose plaster and a damp smell in the adjacent room.

Water ingress is also a cause for concern. Leaking or overflowing gutters can channel water directly into the property rather than away from the property, which is most common on properties with gutters sitting directly on or against the brickwork. Evidence of water ingress is usually found in the form of wet patches on the ceiling/wall on the opposite side to the gutter. Water can also ingress through window and door seals, air vents, and other areas where openings can be found outside the house.

What Causes Gutter Problems?

A blockage can occur at any point of the rainwater drainage system from the roof into the gutter to the fall pipe and finally into the drain or soakaway.

Misaligned guttering that prevents water from draining to the nearest outlet will inevitably cause problems. This is usually a direct result of incorrectly aligned gutter brackets, joints, and outlets, and/or gutter joints not fixed firmly to the fascia boards which otherwise allows them to sag.

Plastic guttering is designed to contract and expand when it heats up and cools down. When the gutter expands and contracts, each gutter joint will allow the gutter to slide across the internal usually with no problem. It is common for gutter the gutter to slide out of the gutter joint completely leaving a gap in the gutter for rainwater to pour from.

Most cast iron gutters have been up for years and are now starting to fail. The gutter putty between the joints can diminish, cracks can appear in the gutter and it can have rot.

If the gutters have not been installed by a reputable professional, it is very possible they may not have been installed correctly. There are many factors involved when installing rain gutters properly, such as the roof to gutter rainwater acceptance, the appropriate outlet positions, the correct gutter fall, and the suitable gutter size and profile for the installation.

Roofing felt helps water channel into the gutter, but old roofing felt can become brittle and diminish over time. When this happens, rainwater may not run into the gutter but instead run behind the gutter causing problems.

Gutter Repairs

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As standard, we will unblock your outlets and downpipes as standard**

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We leave no mess. Our powerful gutter vacuum collects all of the muck in our container

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We leave no mess. Our powerful gutter vacuum collects all of the muck in our container

**Standard outlet and downpipe unblocking excludes any that require removal, alteration, or requires any part to be stripped or taken apart. An extra charge may be applied.

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