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    Professional Drain & Sewer Unblocking

    Blocked drains can happen at any time, and it is usually always unexpected. When drains or sewers block or stop working, you need the problem solved FAST!

    Sudell Co™ is a top rated, local drainage service. We are drainage professionals that are lightning fast and super friendly and WILL clear your blocked drains with a smile on our face. Our service is LOW-COST yet with the HIGHEST STANDARD to help put a smile back on your face!

    What causes blocked drains?

    Many things can cause blockages in your drains, and it might not even be caused by you. Some drains are shared with your neighbors where some of the following items may contribute to blocking the drain. Common items found causing a blocked drain include; baby wipes, toys, large objects, leaves, silt, earbuds, sanitary towels, tampons, disposable razor blades,  excessive amounts of toilet paper, toilet rolls tubes, bottle caps/lids, food waste and thick liquids, just to name a few.

    Blocked drains are usually caused by accidentally flushing one or more of the above down the toilet. This can cause manholes to overflow and toilets/sinks to back up. This can be very daunting and should be resolved quickly to avoid contamination and water damage and to enable drains to flow again freely.

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