Are you new to our Neighbourhood Annual Gutter Cleaning Service? Let us help you take care of your guttering system with a discount.

We operate a pre-planned street to street annual gutter cleaning service developed to maintain your gutters and save you money simply by reducing our costs. It is very important that gutters are maintained routinely and experts agree that gutters should be cleaned out a minimum of every 12 months to help prevent issues such as penetrating damp, water ingress and rot to wooden fascias and roof trusses etc… Including your property on our list will ensure gutters are maintained annually including a group discount of 16%.

We are adding pre-planned streets weekly and require a minimum of 5 properties per street to apply the 16% discount.

Save 16% with your neighbourhood discount.

Strength in numbers makes it cheaper for you! By grouping your gutter cleaning service on the same day as your neighbours, we use less fuel, spend less time travelling and spend less time loading and unloading our vans, results in a discount for everyone!

FREE Gutter Inspection!

As part of our service we complete a FREE rainwater drainage inspection. Our multi-point check will rule out potential problems with your roof and rainwater drainage system, and if required, repairs can be carried to fix any problems identified.

Proof for your Home Insurance

It is possible that unmaintained gutters can cause problems to your building and even contents in some circumstances. Proof is there for your insurer to see that you have been maintaining your rainwater drainage system accordingly.

Hassle-Free Gutter Cleaning Maintenance

Annual reminders are sent out with a pre planned date range for you to choose from. Simply call, or text though your preferred date and we will sort the rest. (Access may be required i.e. through your garden gate).

It’s Easy to Pay!

No dramas, pay by phone, pay online via debit/credit card, PayPal, or bank transfer, or simply with cash. You choose the easiest option that suits you.