Gutter cleaning vacuum systems are changing the way clean our gutters, but is it better than traditional gutter cleaning?

Gutter cleaning systems have revolutionised how we maintain out gutters.

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Traditional Gutter Cleaning

If you look back 20 years ago, the only things that were widely available to us clean out our gutters were a ladder a bucket and maybe a scraper, brush or a cloth.

Cleaning out the gutters on tall buildings which were high up was very dangerous, and it was difficult if not impossible to clean out some gutters that were in tight or awkward places, particularly those above extensions and conservatories.

Despite the difficulties and dangers, the benefits were that guttering joints could be checked and repaired, drainpipes could be separated to to remove blockages further down the pipes and roof tiles could be pushed back into position if required.


  • Ladders and gutter cleaning tools are easy to get a hold of.
  • Gutter joints could be removed to aid gutter cleaning in tight spots such as corner joints.
  • Roof tiles can be adjusted where needed.


  • Gutter cleaning using a ladder is very dangerous and a fall could result in injury, incapacity or even death.
  • Gutter cleaning can be slow to complete.
  • It is difficult to clean out gutters above conservatories or in tight areas.
  • Many people are scared of heights.
  • Most people don’t have access to a suitable ladder.


Ladderless Gutter Cleaning

Ladderless gutter cleaning using gutter cleaning machines is fantastic. Not only is it much safer and faster than traditional gutter cleaning techniques, but it also allows quick and easy gutter cleaning of high gutters up to 40ft high including those above conservatories and in awkward places. Because the debris is sucked out of the gutters, it prevents any muck going into the drain pipes which can clog up the drains.

However, the quality of the clean depends on a number of factors:

1. The quality and suction power of the gutter cleaning machine.

There are many types of gutter cleaning machine on the market, many of which are not good enough for the job. We use the most powerful gutter cleaning machines available which are extremely powerful and can tackle any size, shape, and type of gutter debris.

2. Serviced and maintained gutter cleaning machines.

Gutter cleaning machines require maintaining and servicing regularly, otherwise, they dramatically lose suction power and the ability to clean out gutters properly. All our gutter cleaning equipment is serviced every month and cleaned daily to ensure optimum performance.

3. Experience of the gutter cleaning operator.

Many companies offer gutter cleaning maintenance as an additional service to their primary services, such as window cleaners, roofers, landscapers, and builders, but do they really have the right tools, equipment, experience, and motivation to do the job properly. We’d definitely recommend choosing a company whose primary service is gutter maintenance.



  • Safe and effective gutter cleaning.
  • Quicker than traditional gutter cleaning using a ladder.
  • Easily access gutters up to 40ft high.
  • Easily clean out gutters above conservatories.
  • Prevents blockage in the drains.
  • Mess-free gutter cleaning.




You will be pleased to know that we use the best, most powerful gutter cleaning machines available, however we still use ladders as they are required to complete certain tasks including gutter repairs. We are more than qualified to say, gutter cleaning machines are not always suitable so ladders are used on occasion to ensure your gutters are cleaned out properly and without causing other problems.

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