Autumn Gutter Cleaning Maintenance

It’s a fact – Smart people organise Autumn gutter cleaning maintenance every year. These people want to protect their property and prevent any problems from arising which could otherwise cause unnecessary stress and anxiety, or unwanted damage and repair bills if it can be avoided.

People that are proactive with gutter maintenance rather than reactive, will likely get less problems, and save time, hassle and money.

Autumn is by far the most important time to complete gutter maintenance. Cleaning out gutters, clearing roof valleys and unblocking outlets, fall-pipes, and drains, will prevent common problems such as flooding, damp and decay. These problems are usually caused by gutters that are damaged or that overflow or leak. If your a homeowner, landlord, tenant, or business owner, these are problems you want to avoid so they don’t interfere with your life.


Summer Weeds and Autumn leaves

Roots in the Gutter

Many people presume that it is just falling leaves that cause blockages in gutters. However, your gutters may already be harvesting grass and weeds from the summer months including a soup of other dense gutter blocking material.

Furthermore, if your gutters are not aligned quite right, you may see gutter may blockages near corner joints, at the bottom of roof valleys, and at the opposite end of the fall pipe.

On terraced and semi-detached homes, It’s common to see grass and weeds growing in the guttering directly between the two properties.

Autumn leaves go everywhere! Wherever they fall on your roof they get trapped in roof valleys in the gutters and in the fall pipe and drains! Cleaning out gutters is important, however it is equally important to clean out fall pipes, drains and roof valleys (usually found on properties that have a gable end or a hip style roof)

Removing this dirty, gloopy slop, will relieve your gutters, and remove the stress so they can flow freely and easily.


How to prevent blockages this Autumn

There is really only two effective ways to prevent blockages in your gutters this Autumn.


Cut Back Foliage

Cutting back overhanging branches from nearby trees will help reduce the amount of leaves, twigs and branches that scatter your roof and fall into your gutter.


Clean out your gutters!

Just clean out your gutters! Forget about getting these fan-dangled gutter guards that promise maintenance-free gutters – In most cases they are just not effective, and sometimes cause more problems than they solve. You cant beat good old fashioned gutter cleaning to make sure your gutter, outlets, and downpipes are totally free from debris!

While cleaning out your gutters, don’t forget to clear out blockages from roof valleys, gutter outlets, fall pipes and drains. This will ensure that when the rain comes, it can drain away quickly and easily and will prevent problems that would otherwise occur.

Blocked fall pipe in Autumn

Essential Autumn Facts: Gutter Maintenance and Home Preservation in the UK

As autumn descends upon the United Kingdom, it brings with it a host of unique climate-related challenges and opportunities for homeowners. The UK's autumn season is characterized by mild temperatures, frequent rainfall, and the stunning transformation of deciduous trees. It's also a season marked by shorter daylight hours and the ever-present possibility of stormy weather. In this article, we'll explore some essential autumn facts, with a specific focus on gutter maintenance and home preservation in the UK.


Fact 1: Wet Weather

Frequent Rainfall: Autumn in the UK is synonymous with increased rainfall. While this may be a welcomed sight for gardens and farmlands, it can pose a challenge for homeowners. The moist environment is the perfect breeding ground for mold and mildew, and excessive water near your home's foundation can lead to structural damage. This is where well-maintained gutters come into play.

Tip: Check your gutters and downspouts regularly to ensure they are free from blockages and efficiently directing water away from your home.


Fact 2: Mist and Fog

Moisture Buildup: The mist and fog that often shroud the UK during autumn can contribute to moisture buildup on your home's exterior. This moisture can seep into walls, potentially causing damage over time. Gutter maintenance can help prevent this issue.

Tip: Consider installing gutter guards to prevent leaves and debris from clogging your gutters, allowing them to efficiently channel rainwater away from your home.


Fact 3: Stormy Weather

Strong Winds and Heavy Rainfall: The UK is no stranger to stormy weather during the autumn season. Strong winds and heavy rainfall can lead to debris accumulation in gutters. If your gutters are clogged, this can cause overflow and water damage to your home.

Tip: Before the stormy season hits, make sure your gutters are clean and secure, reducing the risk of damage during rough weather.


Fact 4: Changing Leaves

Accumulating Leaves: Autumn is the time when deciduous trees shed their leaves, creating picturesque landscapes filled with vibrant reds, oranges, and yellows. However, these leaves often find their way into gutters, causing blockages.

Tip: Regular gutter cleaning is essential during the autumn season. Removing leaves and debris will keep your gutters functioning properly and prevent water from overflowing onto your roof or siding.


Fact 5: Shortening Daylight

Limited Daylight Hours: With the gradual reduction in daylight hours as autumn progresses, it's crucial to schedule gutter maintenance during well-lit hours. This allows for a thorough inspection and cleaning of your gutters.

Tip: Plan gutter maintenance during the daytime to ensure you can see and address any issues effectively.


Fact 6: Seasonal Harvest

Harvest Season: While not directly related to gutter maintenance, the harvest season serves as a reminder for homeowners to assess and maintain their homes. It's a time to inspect gutters, roofs, and foundations for damage before the heavy rains of autumn arrive.

Tip: As you gather your harvest, take a moment to inspect your home's exterior, paying special attention to the gutters.

In summary, autumn in the UK is a season of change and transition. While it brings many beautiful sights and the promise of cozy evenings by the fire, it also presents challenges for homeowners. The increased rainfall, mist, fog, and stormy weather can have a significant impact on your home's condition. However, with regular gutter maintenance and proactive home preservation efforts, you can protect your home from potential damage and enjoy all the beauty and coziness that autumn has to offer. Don't let the facts of autumn catch you off guard; prepare your home for the season ahead.

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