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When was the last time you checked and cleaned your roof valley gutters?

There are many different types of roof, many of which have a roof valley such as cross hipped roof, cross gabled roof, a hip and valley roof,  and a butterfly roof.

A roof valley is a place where two sloping roofs meet together, which are designed to accept rainwater from each side of the roof and carry it downwards into the fascia gutters below. These roof valleys have to deal with a lot of water during heavy rainfall and are prone to blockages and leaking.

As with any rainwater gutter, roof valley gutters can become blocked with debris such as moss, weeds, and grass, which can prevent rainwater from escaping properly. A blockage in a roof valley gutter may result in the rainwater being diverted into the roof space underneath the tiles especially if the valley cement/motor (required to help keep roof valleys watertight) is damaged, loose, or missing. Any roof or gutter problems should be fixed quickly.

Rainwater entering the roof space can cause serious problems such as damp and decay, but can easily go unnoticed as the loft insulation can absorb the moisture hiding its presence in its early stages.

Roof valley gutter cleaning is very important and should be included in your gutter cleaning maintenance schedule, once per year is ordinarily enough to prevent blockages and water ingress. Roof valley gutters are typically difficult to access to clean out, and generally needs the experience and equipment of a professional to complete the cleaning properly. Using suitable gutter cleaning machine that is able to reach the top of valley gutters is a perfect way to complete roof valley gutter cleaning, but not all gutter cleaning systems are good enough.

Gutter Cleaning & Repair (Sudell Gutter Cleaning) are specialists in roof valley gutter cleaning and have the most advanced gutter cleaning equipment available on the market to enable safe and effective roof valley gutter cleaning. We are also able to provide free gutter inspections, 4k camera pole inspections, and drone surveys. If you would like a free assessment or some free advise, please contact us and we would be happy to help.

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