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As winter progresses, it’s critical to address the significant weather challenges we’ve faced since last September…

The UK has been hit by an unprecedented series of named storms, starting with Storm Agnes and followed by Babet, Ciarán, Debi, Elin, Fergus, Gerrit, Henk, Isha, and most recently, Jocelyn.

With TEN named storms impacting our homes and particularly our gutter systems, it’s time to take action…

We should recognise the vital role that gutters play in home protection.

however, the relentless storms can lead to hidden issues such as blockages, misalignment, or structural damage, potentially compromising your home’s safety.

Homes battered by strong winds

Comprehensive Inspection Points After the Storms:

  • Debris Accumulation: The numerous storms may have caused a significant build-up of leaves, twigs, and other debris in your gutters, leading to blockages and obstructed water flow.
  • Hidden Gutter Damage: The intensity of the storms might have led to gutters pulling away from the fascia or developing cracks that are not easily visible.
  • Cracked or Missing Roof Tiles: Inspect for any damaged or displaced tiles that could lead to water infiltration and damage to your home’s interior.
  • Dry Verge and Roofing Details: Check the condition of dry verge systems and other roofing elements for signs of storm damage.
  • Soffits and Fascias Damage: Examine soffits and fascias for any signs of wear or damage, as these are crucial for roof ventilation and overall stability.
  • Chimney Pots and Ridges: Ensure that chimney pots and ridge tiles are secure and intact, as these areas can be particularly vulnerable to high winds.

Water Damage Indicators: Keep an eye out for water stains or marks on your siding or foundation, signaling ineffective water diversion by your gutters.

This February, Sudell urges you to take proactive steps to ensure your gutters and roofing are in prime condition.

Conducting a thorough inspection and maintenance regimen can uncover and address any damages inflicted by the storms, ensuring your home remains secure.

For those who prefer personal inspections, prioritize safety and consider consulting the “Safe use of ladders and stepladders” guide (LA455) from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE).

However, if you need professional assistance, Sudell is at your service.

We offer a Free Post-Storm Roof and Gutter Check-Up to ensure comprehensive protection for your home.

Our experts are equipped to provide a thorough evaluation and perform any necessary repairs or cleaning.

Regarding Home Insurance:

Considering the series of storms, it’s advisable to review your home insurance policy for storm damage coverage.

Maintaining records of your gutter and roof maintenance can support any potential claims.

However, bear in mind that minor repairs might not be covered or could be less cost-effective due to deductibles and potential premium increases.

In some cases, direct repairs with a professional may be a more economical choice.

For expert advice or to take advantage of our complimentary check-up (with absolutely no strings attached), please visit our FREE Post-Storm Inspection Page and fill in the form.

Stay safe and protected,


Claim your FREE Multi-Point Roof & Gutter Check completed by a trained technician.

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