Gutter cleaning in spring is a good idea. It will prevent vegetation growing in the warmer months which could otherwise cause damage.

Prevent gutter blockages and leaks.

Gutter cleaning is best done in Spring and Autumn.

Gutter Cleaning in Spring

Why is it important to clean gutters in Spring?

Gutter cleaning in Spring is more important than you might think. While attending your garden this year, be aware that your gutters will also be in the process of developing its own habitat! Your gutters provide the perfect ecosystem for plant life and vegetation to grow and flourish, with composted leaves and roofing silt providing an ideal foundation for the roots push down and anchor into the soil allowing it to absorb the constant supply of fresh rain water running into the gutters.

With this said, It’s wise to clean out your gutters early to prevent any vegetation from growing, you may even need to remove corner joints to get all of the muck out. If left unattended you risk damage to your roof and guttering as the vegetation grows thicker and denser growing up and under your roof line.

Roots can cause damage to gutter joints

One of the primary functions of the root system on all living plant life is to provide anchorage. A secure a anchor will give the plant adequate stability in order to grow. As the roots grow deeper in the gutter, they begin to worm their way in between the gutter joints which can eventually damage the seal. As the roots take grip, gutter leaks develop which can become worse over time.

If the gutters are not cleaned out properly when removing plants, grass and weeds from gutters, the roots can still remain which may allow them to grow back in the future. If the root system is pulled out from the gutter joints, it may cause the joint to leak. The leaking joint will need to be replaced or repaired.

As the saying goes... Prevention is better than the cure.

Professional Spring gutter cleaning

A professional can help with your gutter cleaning, however, it's important that you choose a good gutter cleaning company who will clean the gutters out thoroughly making sure all of the plants and roots are removed otherwise they will just grow back.

It will certainly be easier to clean out your gutter early in spring rather than waiting for the plants to grow thicker and denser in the gutter with the roots gripping more firmly.

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