There are lots of different gutter guards on the market claiming they help stop gutters from filling up with debris such as leaves. We have over 8 years of experience in cleaning and repairing gutters and are more than qualified to deliver an expert opinion on whether gutter guards actually work.

The most common types of gutter guard in the UK include: Gutter Brushes, Gutter Mesh, Plastic Gutter Guards, Gutter Foam inserts.

First of all we need to understand what actually accumilates in the gutters over time. It is a misconception that leaves are the biggest culprit for blocking gutters, this actually comes in 4th on our list below (The most common gutter blocking materials). Gutter blockages can easily be caused by leaves but are more commonly casued by denser materials that grow in spring/summer such as moss, general plant life and grass.

Most common gutter blocking materials.

  1. Moss
  2. Weeds and Plantife
  3. Roof Silt
  4. Leaves
  5. Grass
  6. Roofing morter, cracked tiles, eroded tile faces.
  7. Forgein objects (tennis balls, toys, fireworks.

Most gutter protection systems claim that gutter debris that lands on the gutter guard will simply blow or roll off, whilst allowing water to drain normally into the gutter and away from the building. In some circumstance this may be true. However, as detailed above, most gutter blockages are caused from denser materials such as moss and plantlife. Plantlife will grow through any guards and with ease, whether it be mesh gutter grids or gutter brushes. Plantlife in gutters usually succeed in a composted mix of leaves and other gutter debris, or simply in a bed of silt from eroded roof tiles, that easily filter through gutter guards and form a perfect layer in the bottom of the gutter ready for all types of plantlife to flourish. After all they get watered regularly!

Leaves and moss are capable of sitting on top of gutter guards creating a shelf, preventing water from entering the gutter and instead flowing over the top.

Unfortunatley most gutter guards don’t work effectively enough. It can be expensive to buy, time consuming to install and when gutters do need cleaning, there is the added task of removing the gutter guards. cleaning them as well as the gutter before re instslling. Is it worth it?

Do not be fooled. No gutter guard on the market is maintenance free, nor will they stop your gutters from blocking with debris. They may reduce how quicly they fill up, but gutter guards dont usually slow this process down sufficiently to warrent the cost, time and maintenance required to have them installed.

Gutter cleaning is simple these days. Hire a professional to clean them out once / twice / three times per year, they will clean out your gutters, unblock your downpipes, check your drains and repair leaking joints too.


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