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Overflowing Gutters Realigned

Rikesh from our Leicester franchise helped a customer today fix a persistent gutter problem that they were experiencing on a regular basis. The gutters would appear to overflow and hit a newly built extension below. On occasion the customer experienced rainwater coming into the house which was very concerning.

Gutter Pro have been helping the customer to keep the gutters clean on a regular basis and have been doing a really good job of this. The gutter cleaning seemed to help solve the problem for a little while, however the problem would reappear a few months later.

The homeowner got in touch with us to see if we could find out why the problem reoccurred every so often. We have a lot of experience with gutter repairs and gutter installation and regularly realign poorly installed gutters to help them drain water efficiently and as intended.

We found that the current rise and fall bracket wall pins were very loose and the hangers were not aligned with a continuous fall causing rainwater to back up and overflow. Consequently, even a small amount of debris in the gutter was restricting the rainwater from flowing to the nearest fall pipe and enough for it to cause a problem.

In order to fix this problem, we needed to totally remove the guttering including the rise and fall brackets before we could re-secure the pins to the brickwork, tighten the hangers and re align each bracket with the correct fall.

Due to the length of the roofing elevation, we had to work within a tight tolerance to ensure that there was enough fall without creating a separate problem in which the gutter could be positioned too far away from the roofline, which would cause rainwater to totally bypass the gutter.

We were able to complete this with 100% confidence that we had rectified the problem and gave the customer our seal of approval with our gutter repair guarantee.

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