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From Problematic to Perfect: The Ultimate Gutter Renovation Journey for a Scandinavian Home in Quorn


Client: Private Homeowner
Location: Quorn, Leicester
Property Type: Scandinavian Designed Detached Home
Services Rendered: Gutter Installation


In a recent project, we tackled the installation of a gutter system for a Scandinavian-styled detached home in Quorn, Leicestershire. Over the course of two days, our team successfully installed about 96 meters of guttering, addressing several complex challenges that arose due to the existing infrastructure and the home’s unique architectural features.


The home, nestled in the charming village of Quorn, was equipped with old aluminum guttering that had started to fail. The original gutter brackets were mounted on varying wooden blocks, leading to an uneven alignment that caused the gutters to lean forward. This misalignment grew worse over time, significantly impairing the guttering’s effectiveness during rainfall, with water overflowing instead of being channeled away.

Our Approach

Our initial task was to remove the existing aluminum guttering carefully, ensuring that the wooden blocks were not damaged in the process. This step was crucial for preserving the integrity of the home’s exterior and provided us the opportunity to conduct a detailed assessment of the situation. We discovered that the inconsistencies in block depth were the primary issue. To address this, we utilized specialized packers to adjust the new gutters into correct alignment, thereby ensuring efficient water flow and drainage. Considering the large roof area of the home, we recommended and installed a black deepflow guttering system, chosen both for its capacity to handle large volumes of water and for its visual compatibility with the home’s Scandinavian aesthetic.

Ongoing Maintenance

To ensure the longevity and performance of the newly installed guttering system, it is now under a proactive maintenance plan managed by Sudell. We conduct a comprehensive gutter cleaning and inspection every six months. This routine maintenance schedule is designed to maximize the efficiency and integrity of the gutter system, preventing potential issues and ensuring it remains in optimal condition throughout the year.


The new guttering system we installed is robust, larger than the previous one, and custom-tailored to the home’s specific requirements. It is now fully capable of managing even the heaviest rainfalls, ensuring that water is efficiently channeled away from the property, thereby reducing the risk of water damage.

This project exemplifies our dedication to overcoming the challenges presented by complex gutter installations. Our approach combines careful planning, technical expertise, and a commitment to quality. Each step, from assessment to installation, was carried out with the utmost attention to detail and consideration for the homeowner’s needs and the architectural integrity of the property. Effective guttering is a critical component in the preservation of a home, acting as a fundamental line of defense against the elements. Through our meticulous work, we ensure that every home we service is well-equipped to withstand the challenges posed by weather, maintaining both its beauty and structural integrity.

Scandinavian Gutter Replacement

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