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Mastering Gutter Cleaning Maintenance Over Parapet Walls

Project Overview

Client: KCH Garden Square
Location: Leicester
Property Type: Four-Story Building with Parapet Wall
Services Rendered: Advanced Gutter Cleaning and Unblock Service with Custom Equipment

Introduction to the Challenge

KCH Garden Square faced a continual problem with gutter blockages, exacerbated by the complex structure of a parapet wall surrounding the rainwater gutter. With conventional cleaning methods proving ineffective and all other options exhausted, they approached Sudell Gutter Services for a feasible solution.

The Challenge: Gutter Cleaning Maintenance over Parapet Wall

The building’s unique architectural features, including its height and the surrounding tree line, posed significant challenges. Mobile Elevating Work Platforms (MEWPs) were not viable due to restricted access caused by the dense tree line, and scaffolding was too disruptive and costly. Furthermore, using ladders was impractical due to the size and complexity of the property.

Our Tailored Solution

To address the needs of KCH Garden Square, which involved cleaning the gutters four times per year in a cost-effective and minimally disruptive manner, our team, led by expert Rikesh, innovated a custom solution. We developed a tailor-made attachment for our state-of-the-art gutter vacuum. This setup includes:
– A long aluminum extension pipe that extends over the parapet wall and down into the gutter.
– Carbon fibre gutter poles connected to a high-powered gutter vacuum that can effortlessly remove debris including leaves, grass, moss, and even small trees.

Implementation and Results

This innovative approach allowed us to navigate around the parapet wall efficiently and perform cleaning without the need for invasive methods like scaffolding or ladders. Our precision camera system ensured that no debris was left behind, resulting in completely cleared gutters in just a few hours. The process was so effective and non-intrusive that KCH Garden Square has now engaged us to maintain their gutters regularly throughout the


Our ability to adapt and innovate not only resolved KCH Garden Square’s immediate gutter blockage issues but also established a sustainable, ongoing maintenance routine. This project stands as a testament to our team’s dedication and skill in providing effective solutions for challenging structures. We look forward to our continued partnership with KCH Garden Square, ensuring their gutter system remains pristine and fully functional year-round.

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