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2x Water Butts Installed in Tight Spaces

Another two of our highly recommended prestige water butts installed in tight spaces!

Richard has done a sterling job installing two of our prestige slim line water butts in areas with limited available space. These look really good and also help you harvest rainwater which has a whole range of benefits including saving water and saving you money.

The demand for these water butts dramatically increase between June and September with the slim line water butts being the most popular as they are space saving and easy to maintain. Don’t forget to maintain your water butt on a routine basis so the rainwater remains clean and fresh.

Sudell Gutter Cleaning and Repairs  can help you decide whether a water butt would be suitable for you. We can also provide you with the best recommendations, tips on how to maintain your water butt and information about why water butts are beneficial.

Please contact your local office for more information.

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