Gutter Cleaning and Gutter Repairs
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Hotel Gutter Cleaning Maintenance

Hotel Gutter Cleaning Maintenance Services

It took 40 new gutter joints, 5 new downpipes and a lot of gutter cleaning to fix a tremendous amount of gutter and drainage problems this hotel building had! Completing this hotel gutter cleaning maintenance will protect the building and will prevent more dramatic damage, damp and decay which could otherwise occur.

Hotel Gutter Problems

The hotels’ guttering and drainage system had multiple problems which the owners wanted to put right.

Many of the gutters and downpipes were blocked causing water to overflow – Several of the downpipes were loose or damaged with poor connections and 1 was totally missing causing water to flow down the exterior brickwork – Approx 40 gutter union joints were leaking, again causing unsightly damp patched on the building and causing penetrating damp.

Iain, Harley, and Richard teamed up to complete this large Hotel gutter maintenance job which required additional skilled hands to complete this job in a short period of time to minimise disruption.

Hotel Roof and Gutter Cleaning

Many of the gutters could be cleaned out using our high powered gutter vacuums operated from the ground.

With the help of our powered access platform, we were able to safely access the more complex areas of the roofs gutters, downpipes ensuring we could complete professional and thorough workmanship.

All of the flat roofs were swept clean with all of the debris removed. All outlets were unblocked allowing water to drain freely and prevent ponding.

Hotel Gutter Repairs

Approx 40 leaking gutter joints were replaced with new better quality fittings with leak-free seals. Additionally all of our gutter joints are secured firmly to the fascia board as per the manufacturers specification to prevent movement, sagging or future leaks.

Furthermore, 5 broken/loose down pipes were totally replaced with new firmly secured versions.

Hotel Gutter Maintenance Services

Do you own or manage a hotel, bed and breakfast or Inn?

We offer free hotel gutter inspections and can help with gutter maintenance to prevent problems such as damp.

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Hotel Gutter Cleaning

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