Gutter Cleaning and Gutter Repairs
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Medical Centre Gutter Cleaning Maintenance

We have enjoyed completing the gutter cleaning maintenance for a large medical centre in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire.

The friendly management team at the medical centre were unaware of something that could cause significant expense in the future. The current guttering system on the medical centre is called Terrain Omega which is discontinued and now obsolete.

Omega was never a common guttering profile made by Terrain and is very rarely seen. Getting any new replacement parts for this system is no longer possible, and getting any second hand parts is extremely unlikely. Regular gutter cleaning and repair maintenance is therefore critical to prolong the life span of this guttering system, and prevent a premature replacement which will ultimately cost thousands. If we can keep this guttering system maintained regularly, I can see any reason why this would not have another 20 years of good working life remaining.

Some of the gutters are in difficult areas – high up and set back from the first storey roof. The corner joints were particularly bad, with roots gripping into the gutter joints thus allowing plants and weeds to grow strong, and up under the valley tray and into the roof.

In cases where the valley tray extends out over the corner joint thus limiting access to it will require more attention, and a gutter vacuum alone is not enough. You generally need to use hand tools to pull out the debris from under the tray and sometimes remove the joint completely to be able to clean the area out properly. We often see these areas being missed or ignored by companies who are not always trained or equipped appropriately. When corner joints are not cleaned out properly, it prevents rainwater from travelling, and sometimes blocks the access to outlets which would allow the water to drain away.

We guarantee a professional gutter cleaning service which is completed by our amazing team at Sudell. You can trust that with our wealth of knowledge and experience you get a thorough and efficient job.

If you are a practice manager or own a doctors surgery and require any help with gutter cleaning maintenance at your medical centre or practice, please get in touch.


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