Gutter Cleaning and Gutter Repairs
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Gutter cleaning on a tall building

Richard Bowers who is our franchise team based in Tamworth and Lichfield recently completed gutter cleaning on a tall building.

The occupiers experienced leaks from the guttering as some parts overflowed causing damage inside the building. If this was left untreated, it would result in much more destructive problems that could be expensive to to resolve.

Richard used a cherry picker to gain access to the gutters safely,  so the gutters could be cleaned out and unblocked accordingly.

The outlets and downpipes were totally blocked with vegetation which was growing perfectly out of the guttering.

The rest of the guttering including some small flat roofs was cleaned off to prevent the debris from blocking the gutters again in the near future.

The whole job was completed in a few hours and now the guttering system can drain water off properly without causing problems.

Cleaning out gutters on tall buildings usually requires the experience and expertise of a professional guttering company. Working at height could be a health and safety issue and dangerous for everyone including those in and around the working area if not risk assessed and completed by  competent people.

If you require help with gutter cleaning on a tall building please get in touch. One of our friendly team would be delighted to help!

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