It’s Your Hard Earned Cash!

Why would you use your hard earned cash to pay for a garbage gutter repair that won’t last a month, only to be let down, and have to pay again to get it repaired properly.

On a daily basis we meet homeowners just like you, who have had this problem and have been ripped off with a terrible unprofessional gutter repair.

Fixing broken, leaking or damaged gutters

But it’s easy to repair a leaking gutter, right?

In short, there is nothing complicated about fixing gutters. However, to fix gutter problems permanently, you first need to understand how and why it has happened.

Most people, including many gutter cleaning companies, think that leaking gutters simply need pushing back together, taping up with a bit of gaffer tape or sealing up using a bit if old sealant thats been in the back of the van for a decade, This will NOT work, or at least it wont work for long.

We commonly find that the wrong type of sealant is used, (a sealant which is not low modulus, heat and water resistant or remains flexible when cured), the gutters have NOT been cleaned or adjusted accordingly, or the gutters have been sealed on the outside of the joint which is unlikely to last and looks atrocious!

The images in this post are good examples of gutter repair attempts that we have seen and been asked to help rectify.

Gutters usually require a bit of TLC, alignment, adjustment, preparation before installing a new parts or a professional seal.

We see gutter problems every single day and fix thousands of them each and every year. There is nothing that we haven’t seen a thousand times already and we know what does and doesn’t work.

The Sudell Gutter Repair Guarantee.

We guarantee* our gutter repairs for 12 months, this is not because we believe it will only last 12 months, but instead gives our gutter repair a extremely generous amount of time to be tried and tested. If it doesn’t leak inside 12 months, its very likely the repair is good and will last a long time.

Furthermore, if our repair does not work, we will revisit free of charge to complete the repair again.

Summary – Don’t get ripped off!

So don’t get ripped off by the so called guttering businesses that only offer gutter cleaning or handyman services unless they guarantee the repair for you and you feel confident that you can call them back again if something goes wrong.

Garbage gutter repair

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