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Harvest Healthcare

Site Address:

Bradmarsh Business Park, Sheaf House, Bradmarsh Way, Rotherham S60 1BW

Description of work:

Gutter cleaning maintenance – First clean


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Risk Assessment / Method Statment
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General Information

The gutters were in very poor condition with thick carpets of grass and weeds embedded into the gutters. Large trees were also growing in the gutter (one tree measured over 4ft in size with roots approximately 3/4” in thickness). Most outlet filters were blocked preventing water from draining away accordingly.

The gutters are showing signs of erosion and several gutter joints have failed particularly on the central gutter valley which we recommend resealing. We saw evidence that some of the roofing tek screws Please contact us if you would like a quote.

A significant amount of weight from the gutters was removed. Some standing water was apparent, but this was when the gutters were not free draining so this should hopefully improve, although it is common for a little standing water to remain.

We would highly recommend cleaning out the gutters every 6 months as this would ensure no vegetation ion the gutters can grow thick enough to damage the gutters. It would also make the job much quicker and cheaper than if completed 12 monthly. We can arrange a quote for routine gutter maintenance if you wish.



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