Is Gutter Cleaning Difficult?

Is gutter cleaning difficult? It takes skill and precision to carefully clean out gutters either by hand with a ladder, or when using a gutter vac system. All skilled trades often look seemingly easy to the untrained eye. However a trade or skill is only gained with the proper training and knowledge. And to be good at the trade or skill requires experience gained from performing the tasks consistently on a routine basis.

Plasterers skim through a room with dexterity without breaking a sweat, electricians wire up switches with proficiency and minimal effort, and builders lay each brick as perfectly as the last with accuracy and at lightning speeds.

Cleaning out gutters at height is also tougher than it may seem and does require training and knowledge. It takes experience to use gutter cleaning machines, and to control extending poles safely and with precision.


Experienced Gutter Cleaning

The gutter cleaning operator must be able to multi-task. They need to be able to guide the suction poles along the guttering while simultaneously gathering feedback from equipment. The operator can get an understanding of what is being sucked out of the gutter by listening and feeling the feedback from the carbon fibre poles. They must be aware of how the vacuum motors are behaving, and listen to the changes in tone. A screaming motor will alert the operator of a blockage or large amount of water or debris being removed. Simultaneously watching both the gutter cam and the pole itself, will help us work out what is in the gutter, if all the debris has been removed, and if the gutter feels secure.

Working at heights up-to 40ft high and possibly reaching out to 20ft will dramatically amplify the movement in the poles and requires firm and meaningful, yet precise actions from the operator. Correct operation of these machines allow operators to clean out gutters in areas that may not otherwise be accessed without fancy and often very expensive access equipment such as mobile elevated working platforms, scaffolding, and sometimes abseiling.

Incorrect use of high level gutter cleaning tools and equipment can result in damage to the property and equipment itself. More importantly it could cause injury to the operator and those around them. It is also possible unskilled operators could cause damage to the roof line which could leave it in a dangerous state.



So is gutter cleaning difficult? Yes it can be. If you choose Sudell Gutter Cleaning to help with your gutter maintenance, you are in safe hands. All Sudell Gutter Cleaning operators have completed a specific training program. This includes the safe use and optimal operation of high reach gutter cleaning equipment, working at height/ladder safety, and asbestos awareness to name a few.

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