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2 Tonnes of Waste Removed form Gutters!

It took several hours for our team to remove approx 2 tonnes of waste from the gutters at Harvest Healthcare in Rotherham.

Harvest Healthcare make beds for hospitals and care homes and have been incredibly busy during the Coronavirus pandemic making sure that these critical prices of equipment were still available.

Consequently, gutter cleaning maintenance had been pushed down the priority list meaning the gutters had not been cleaned for over 2 years. After an incident where rainwater flooded into the building, the team at Harvest sprang into action to regain control over the gutter cleaning maintenance.

This was our first clean on this property, so we wanted to make sure they were cleaned out properly so it is easier to maintain on future gutter cleaning visits. A significant amount of vegetation was growing in the gutters and causing them some big problems. The gutters and outlets were blocked an not allowing rainwater to drain into the downpipes and drains and several joints had root damage.

During the gutter cleaning several silver birch trees approx 5ft high were removed from the gutters which had large root systems growing along the bottom of the gutter and starting to find its way under the roof sheets. It took strapping lads to remove these as they needed cutting out. Other areas of the gutters were covered in a 2-3 inch carpet of grass and weeds. With the help of a cherry picker, we carefully removed over 100 heavy duty rubble sacks full of debris (each bag 100l and approx 20kg per bag) from the roof.


This really does highlight the importance of planned gutter cleaning maintenance on an regular basis. If gutter cleaning maintenance is left too long, you run the risk of damage and flooding which could otherwise be prevented. Furthermore, gutter cleaning can be extremely difficult to complete and the health and safety requirements become much more complex. This costs financially not only in damage but in the maintenance activity itself. Gutter cleaning maintenance is cost effective, but not unless it is consistent and cleverly planned.


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