Gutter Cleaning and Gutter Repairs
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Church Gutter Cleaning Maintenance Barnsley

Holy Rood RC Church requested Sudell complete a gutter cleaning service as they required the help and experience from a company who have the ability to plan and organise this type of work on places of worship.

Cleaning the gutters, valleys and verges on churches has its challenges as they all have their own architectural differences. Most obvious challenges include the access to the gutters, the size and height of the church, and the method of how the work can be completed safety.

Church Gutter Cleaning Access and Safety

In this case we used a 38M truck mounted boom lift with good articulation in conjunction with our harnesses, lanyards and ropes. With this we were able to access the gutters and also areas of the roof where debris is able to collect easily such as behind vents, chimneys and behind columns.

Debris Block Church Gutters

Aside from the usual debris that builds up in gutters, we also found a few slipped roof tiles which were repositioned during the works, and also came across some old rusty tools, a rubble sack full of waste (which must have been left during some previous roofing work) and a large tree that was standing proud behind a column.

Most outlets were blocked forcing rainwater to find alternative ways to drain. These were unblocked during the visit before checking the downpipes.

Protecting Church Guttering

As we recommend, each outlet is covered with a custom made grid cover to prevent anything getting down into the drains below which can easily lead to extensive drain problems.

Bird guards were also evident in many areas of the roof to prevent perching or nesting on the building. This will continue to prevent damage, spoil and blockages caused from bird activity.

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