Gutter Cleaning and Gutter Repairs
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Commercial Unit Gutter Cleaning

Domestic gutter cleaning can be challenging at the best of times, commercial gutter cleaning is a whole new ball game. We recently spent the day at the MPQC unit in Eastwood, carrying out maintenance on the commercial guttering system that they were experiencing issues with. The rear of the unit is surrounded by trees, overtime filling up the guttering & blocking the downpipes. This resulted in a build up of standing water within the guttering which caused a number of joints to leak.Repairing leaking joints & ensuring the guttering is operating as it should is vital in order to protect the foundations of any property.

An extremely common cause of penetrating damp is leaking gutters. Gutters are in place to drain rainwater safely away from your the property, but when it leaks, the water instead comes into contact with the brickwork and soaks through.

In order to protect your property we advise the following;
– Clean out the guttering atleast once per year. Please be aware that if a property is surrounded by trees then a twice yearly clean would usually be more suitable.
– Repair those leaky joints! These are a huge cause of penetrative damp. Sudell gauruntee all repairs for 12months, giving you that piece of mind.
– Use a specialist! We are fully trained, have years of experience and offer a free health check!


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