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Conservatory Roof Clean in Nottingham

Wow, this conservatory roof was in need of a good scrub to remove the grime and mildew that has built up over the past few years.

The customer requested that we clean out all the gutters before washing down the gutters, soffits, fascia’s, conservatory and windows with our NEW Hot, Purified water cleaning system.

This Victorian style conservatory had a valley gutter running down between the roof which was blocked with moss and causing an internal leak, so we cleaned this out at the same time. It’s quite tricky and tight to get into, but we used a couple of different tools which enabled us to pick out the biggest bits of debris, and dislodge the blockages. This could them be flushed clean with our hot water system which breaks up dirt much better than cold.

The conservatory roof in particular saw the most dramatic improvement in appearance. The hot, purified water combined with a little cleaning solution got the plastics white again and all of the muck off the polycarbonate. A little sun staining remained which unfortunate cant be removed, but on the whole we save really good results.

Inside the conservatory was much brighter and was allowing more sunlight in

A big thank you to our customer Paul, who has been using our services for the past few years. Thank you for leaving us a lovely review on Google and we will see again on future gutter cleaning and washing maintenance.

Conservatory Roof CleaningConservatory Roof Cleaning
Conservatory Roof CleaningConservatory Roof Cleaning
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