Gutter Cleaning and Gutter Repairs
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Leisure Centre Gutter Maintenance

Leisure Centre Gutter Maintenance

Ashby leisure centre is another proactive establishment that complete planned gutter cleaning maintenance on their sites every 6 months to help keep gutters free from debris and to prevent rainwater leaks, damage, flooding, and an array of other rainwater related problems.

Prior to Sudell’s first planned gutter cleaning visit, Ashby leisure centre had problems with major internal flooding due to blockages in the valley gutters.

Sudell gutter technician Iain and Harley found that huge amounts of debris was landing on the roof which was then washing into the gutters and  inevitably blocking them, the outlets, and the downpipes. This was causing rainwater in the valley gutters to back up and flood into the building causing damage and disruption.

The gutters have since been cleaned but Sudell, with the valleys, outlets, and downpipes unblocked with a regular gutter cleaning service scheduled every 6 months to prevent any future flooding problems.

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