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Pentecostal Church Gutter Maintenance

Sudell Gutter Cleaning and Repairs can complete gutter cleaning maintenance on Churches of all shapes and sizes.

Our Tamworth franchise has completed gutter cleaning maintenance at the The International Pentecostal City Mission Church in Birmingham.

Many of the gutters at this church are 36ft from the ground, so required specialist tools and equipment to allow safe gutter maintenance. On this occasion, our gutter vacuum and carbon fibre poles was suitable and the ideal equipment to enable us to reach into the gutters to clean them out. The gutter vacuum sucks out all of the debris from the gutter with the help of three powerful motors.

A variety of debris was cleaned out of the gutters including moss, silt, leaves, twigs and grass. Furthermore, three hoppers were cleaned out which were blocked and stopping rainwater from flowing freely. As part of this service two drains needed attention and were also unblocked with the addition of  plants being removed from the flat roof.

Churches are often old, large, and have features which could be fragile, and should be treated with the upmost care and attention when completing any gutter maintenance work. Our team of experts are experienced and are careful and conscientious. Richard Bowers, our experienced Tamworth Franchise has gained a vast amount experience which has sharpened his skill and ability to take on more complex and difficult jobs. Contact our team today if you would like help with you church gutter maintenance.

Church Gutter Maintenance

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