Gutter Cleaning and Gutter Repairs
By Published On: November 8th, 2021Categories: Uncategorised

Like most other buildings Churches also have guttering attached to allow for rainwater to be collected and diverted away from the building accordingly.

Many church gutters are made out of durable cast iron metals in combination with lead dressed valleys and lead moulded around columns to prevent rain water from entering or damaging the structure of the church. Some churches have some very distinct and decorative features such as elaborate ornate hoppers and lead dressed beautifully to form impressive outlets for rainwater to drain.

Gutters on churches tend to be more complex to maintain mainly due to the position and height they are located in, and the tight awkward angles making it difficult to get up to them or to get any gutter cleaning equipment into them.

Furthermore, their tends to be additional areas of the roofline that can accumulate and harbour debris such as behind columns.

Getting a competent experienced gutter cleaning professional in to clean the gutters on a church is essential, and it is important that they are trained appropriately and have previous experience to be able to safety carry out gutter cleaning maintenance on this type of property.

Churches are often located within the grounds accommodating large well established trees and bushes which allow plenty of debris to clog up the gutters, valleys, and behind columns.

In this example you can see plant life growing densely behind a column which would have eventually caused some serious damage to the building. Fortunately we were able to access this area and clean out the debris.

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