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Rotting Commercial Gutters

Here is a prime example a commercial unit which has visible signs of rot in the gutters, which has been gradually causing this client some internal leaks and flooding problems. What was initially believed to be a roofing problem, on close inspection we found that the gutters had large cracks in isolated areas across a significant proportion of the gutter length. The steel gutters have eroded prematurely over time due to the lack of sufficient downpipes installed on development.

Only 2 downpipes (one at each end of the building) is totally inadequate for a building of this size and the amount of roof surface area present. As a result rainwater has been unable to drain off accordingly and instead able to pond in the gutters permanently causing accelerated degeneration.

Unfortunately this has only become apparent to the client in recent weeks and cannot be economically repaired. A full replacement of the steel gutters is required which is a huge task which is expensive and disruptive.  Appropriate scaffolding must be erected to enable workers to strip out the old and install the newly sourced gutters.

If you own or manage buildings we strongly advise you check and maintain your gutters regularly to extend it’s life so it can protect your building from rainwater damage as intended.

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