Gutter Cleaning and Gutter Repairs
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School Gutter Cleaning Maintenance

School half term provides a good opportunity for gutter maintenance. The gutters at Forest Town Primary School, Mansfield were well overdue some attention. Gutters full of debris, downpipes blocked, dislodged gutter joints, leaking joints, toys in the gutters, and the list goes on.

We recommend cleaning out the gutters every 12 months on all properties whether they be domestic or commercial. Giving your gutters the attention they need ensures prevention of damp, damage to the buildings foundation including rot and mould growth. There are many unfavourable problems that could arise if the gutters are not maintained, including running the risk that the gutters pulling away from the wall due to weight and falling down, this could result in a safety issue for the children/staff.

With global warming in full effect, we are experiencing more frequent substantial rainfalls than ever before. Gutters are being pushed to their limits!

Please also be aware that many insurance policies will not cover any water damage that occurs as a result of unmaintained gutters.

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