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Steel Gutter Maintenance

Steel gutter maintenance benefits

There are many benefits when you plan regular steel gutter maintenance. When your galvanised steel gutters are maintained properly, they can last a very long time.

By regularly checking and cleaning your steel gutters you can increase their life expectancy by 10 – 20 years. Furthermore, you can prevent gutter leaks and damage from occurring.

Steel Gutter Problems

Unmaintained steel gutters however, can cause some real big problems that can be very expensive and difficult to fix. Unmaintained steel gutters can erode and degrade prematurely over time. Problems such as clogged gutters will prevent rainwater from draining away causing water to pond in the gutters. Steel gutters that are unable to fully dry between rain showers tend to develop rust and rot much more quickly, eventually creating holes in the gutters. The same goes for leaking gutter joints which are usually the first place to fail and cause problems.

These situations are commonly responsible for disruptive roof leaks that flood into the building and usually cause damage to stock, machinery or equipment which may be very costly to replace.

Furthermore, industrial steel guttering is big, diverse, and usually sandwiched between the roofing and cladding making it very difficult to replace, so keeping the original steel in good conditions should be always be your priority if you want to avoid very large replacements bills.

We regularly attend buildings where gutters require immediate attention – Cleaning out the gutters and unblocking the outlets and downpipes to stop water from pouring into the building.

When should gutters be cleaned?

Steel gutter maintenance is important. Commercial gutters should be cleaned bi-annually at the very least. This could increase depending on where you’re situated – for example, close to treelines, or the sea.

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