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Falling Down Gutter Repairs

Our experts have been asked to attend multiple properties over the past few days to fix gutters that have fallen down.

Why do gutters fall down?

A falling down gutter is a common problem is usually a result of a poor installation or poor maintenance which can sometimes be avoided. Read our FAQ Why has my gutter fallen down? To find out the common reasons why a gutter may fall down.

On this occasion the gutter had fallen down because the gutter was simply full of thick and heavy debris. The gutter was unable to support this extra weight and consequently caused the gutter brackets to snap off and the gutter to drop. As a result, several gutter brackets snapped, two corner joints cracked and the gutter twisted.

Don’t let a fallen down gutter get worse!

On the contrary, the homeowner was quite lucky as this could have resulted in a much bigger and more expensive repair, for example if the whole gutter and fascia board were damaged.

Our team of experts are able to successfully repair a fallen down gutter and its usually at a low cost providing it is dealt with quickly.

You can avoid your gutters from falling by completing regular gutter maintenance including gutter cleaning and gutter repairs. You should aim to complete gutter cleaning maintenance a minimum of twice per year.

If you would like some help with a gutter that has fallen down, please contact your local office for a free estimate.



Fallen Down Gutter Fixed

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