Hedgehog gutter brush has been designed to sit in the gutters to prevent debris from entering and clogging them.

Get a professional to check the suitability of hedgehog gutter brush in your gutters.

Gutter cleaning is best done in Spring and Autumn.

Hedgehog Gutter Brush

Does Hedgehog Gutter Brush Work

Hedgehog gutter brush is a long bristle brush which usually secures into the gutter using special gutter clips or zip ties. It may seem like a great invention and a good idea… Once inserted, debris falling into the gutter should instead be directed away from the gutter and blow off the hedgehog gutter brush eventually… but will it?

Gutter maintenance engineers regularly see different types of gutter guards. Gutter guards vary from rigid plastic gutter grids, gutter foam to gutter brushes.

Things to Consider

Before you attempt to install any type of gutter guard, you should first consider a few things.

  1. What kind of material or debris is commonly blocking your gutters? Is it leaves? Pine needles? Or is it moss, plants or grass, suggesting that seedlings are able to propagate and grow in to roof gardens. Do you think the debris will blow off the gutter brush or do you think it will get trapped by the bristles?
  2. What type of roof do you have? Is it slate, tile, felt, or rubber? All roof types will provide its own source of gutter debris, such as sand, silt and space dust, most of which is so fine that it could fall between the bristles and start to fill up the bottom of the gutter.
  3.  The pitch of the roof, and the position of the gutter in relation to the roof. If you were to install hedgehog gutter brush, would the brush trap the debris between the gutter and the roof or does the top of the gutter brush position perfectly to the top of the roof which would allow debris to hopefully wash over the brush?
  4. The profile of the gutter you have. Is it round, square, ogee, deep flow, etc… will the Hedgehog gutter brush sit in the gutter correctly?

Weigh up the Pros and Cons

With or without gutter guards, gutter cleaning maintenance will be required at some point. You should weigh up the cost/time of gutter cleaning maintenance when gutter guards are installed,

  1. How much do gutter guards cost to buy and install?
  2. If you hire a professional, how much does standard annual gutter cleaning cost?
  3. Should you hire a professional, how much would gutter cleaning cost to remove the gutter guards, clean the gutters and the gutter guards, them re fit the guards back in to the gutter?
  4. If you maintain your own gutters, how long would it take you to complete standard gutter cleaning maintenance?
  5. How long would it take you to remove the gutter guards, clean the gutter and guards, before refitting?
  6. Are you trained and competent to use ladders safely, and can you access all of your gutters with a ladder?

There are many things to consider here. Take the time to think about this before you install any type of gutter guard, or seek the advice from a professional. Look for a professional who actually deals with gutter guards on a regular basis.

Hire a Professional

In some circumstances hedgehog gutter guards can be beneficial. However in some circumstances, the cost of the product itself and the cost of maintenance after they have been installed, can far outweigh the cost for simple regular gutter cleaning maintenance visits.

Rather than installing hedgehog gutter brushes, hiring a gutter cleaning professional to clean out your gutters on a routine offer other benefits. Some gutter cleaning companies will check the gutters for leaks or damage whilst cleaning out the gutters. Some also check the downpipes and test them to the drains to ensure the fall pipes are working correctly too.


Get some advice from a professional. A professional should be able to check the suitability of gutters guards for your specific circumstances. If you choose to go solo, before you commit to spending your hard earned cash on gutter guards, take the time to think about the pros and cons and the likely cost/time implications.

If you choose to buy hedgehog gutter brush, you can buy it from many DIY centres across the country. Be aware that there are a few different brands/types on the market, which vary in cost and quality. We would recommend that you visit Hedgehog who offer the original Hedgehog gutter brush. This product is made from good quality materials.

Sudell Gutter Cleaning offer free gutter inspections and free advice regarding gutter guards.



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