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Sudell Advises Caution as UK Braces for Strong Winds

As the UK gears up for a week of strong winds, expected to sweep across the country from January 20th to 27th, 2024, Sudell, a leading property maintenance company, is urging homeowners to be vigilant. These winds, predicted to reach significant speeds, pose serious risks to residential and commercial properties, especially concerning roofs and gutters.

The Met Office has issued warnings for several regions, cautioning that the impending weather could lead to considerable damage. One of the primary concerns is the potential harm to roofs and guttering systems. Strong winds can dislodge roof tiles, ridge tiles, and dry verge systems, creating hazardous conditions with the risk of flying debris.

In light of these risks, Sudell is recommending that property owners schedule a thorough inspection of their roofs and gutters once the winds have subsided. “Post-storm inspections are crucial,” says a Sudell spokesperson. “They help identify and rectify any damage caused by the winds, preventing further deterioration and ensuring the safety of the occupants.”

Besides the structural damage, there’s a significant risk associated with loose debris, such as tiles and branches, being carried by the wind. These can cause injury to people and damage to vehicles, making it essential for homeowners to secure any loose items in their gardens or balconies.

Sudell’s team of experts also emphasises the importance of regular maintenance. Regular checks and maintenance of roofing and guttering can mitigate the extent of damage from such weather events. Homeowners are advised to clear gutters of debris, check for loose tiles, and ensure that their properties are as wind-resistant as possible.

As the UK prepares for the stormy week ahead, Sudell remains committed to providing expert guidance and assistance to those in need of property maintenance and repair services. The company’s proactive approach towards property care is aimed at minimising damage and ensuring the safety of its clients and their properties.

For more information or to schedule a post-storm inspection, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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