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Nottingham Tennis Club Gutter Cleaning

Nottingham Tennis Club Gutter Cleaning

A whopping 400 balls were removed from the gutters at West Bridgford tennis club in Nottingham during our first gutter cleaning maintenance visit.

Every day, the gutters at the tennis club will collect any stray tennis balls that roll off the roof and into them, causing the gutters to block up and prevent rainwater from draining properly.

Trained Sudell Gutter Cleaning workmen used ladders coupled with harnesses and ropes to safely access the gutters to remove the hundreds of tennis balls that were accidentally volleyed off court and onto the roof of the club house. 

Worryingly the tennis balls were also blocking both outlets, causing rainwater to back up, and overload the gutters with a lot of heavy water.

It was essential that the gutters were cleaned out with the rainwater released before the gutters were sprained and damaged.

Fortunately, the outlets were protected with filters to prevent the balls from entering the underground drains, which could otherwise have caused an even bigger situation.

Once the tennis balls were removed from the gutters and outlets, the gutters were cleaned from any remaining gunk using our powerful gutter cleaning machine.

Unfortunately the tennis balls that were removed were full of stagnant rainwater (adding to their weight) and were covered in filth making them totally unusable.

Sudell Gutter Cleaning recommend that gutters are maintained regularly and at least once every 12 months, or in the case of the tennis club, twice to three times per year would be more advisable.

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