Gutter Cleaning and Gutter Repairs
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Care home gutter cleaning is an essential maintenance task that is important for the good health of the drainage system to allow rainwater to drain away accordingly and as intended. Poorly maintained gutters can lead to blockages and leaks which can lead to more extensive problems such as damp, damage, and decay.

Furthermore, care home gutter cleaning can be a difficult and overwhelming task for the care home management team to organise and complete in-house especially in a safe and effective manor.

Red Oaks Care Home in Sutton-in-Ashfield like many other residential and nursing care homes find it much easier to outsource their gutter cleaning and repair maintenance tasks to professionals such as Sudell Gutter Cleaning, who are able to deliver safe and effective gutter cleaning and repair maintenance on a routine maintenance schedule.

Gutter cleaning maintenance can be a high risk task if not completed properly by a competent person with the right training, tools, and equipment. Choosing a professional gutter cleaning company to maintain a care homes rainwater drainage system can take the sting out of the task and has many other benefits for the care home management team who can take reassurance that any work is being completed by competent professionals that are highly trained, and that have the correct tools and equipment for the job.

Sudell Gutter Cleaning recently attended the Red Oaks Care Home in Sutton-in-Ashfield to help with their gutter cleaning maintenance. Due to the complexity of the guttering system and the difficult access, it was evident that the management team at Red Oak Care Home have struggled with their gutter cleaning maintenance for a number of years resulting in overflowing gutters and gutter leaks which if left untreated the water will eventually finds its way through the brickwork causing damp inside the property.

The gutters at the care home were mainly full of grass and moss with the grass happily growing in the gutter corners where the roots could grip into the gutter joints firmly. This was removed carefully using our very powerful gutter cleaning machines that were operated safely from the ground. The gutter machines allowed us to effectivley clean out an abundance of muck from the deep gutters with the use of ladders and harnesses in areas where the grass had grown so dense that it could only be removed with a specialist pry-bar.

The gutters at the Red Oak Care Home are now free-running and can drain rainwater accordingly.

We look forward to delivering our future gutter cleaning schedule recommended to our friends at the Red Oak Care Home.

In light of Covid-19 and the current ongoing pandemic and with the fact that residential care homes are at greater risk of infection, we have taken extra steps to prevent the spread of the virus at detailed in our Covid-19 policy and risk assessment.

If you would like a free gutter inspection at your residential care home, please contact our office who would be delighted to assist.

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