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The latest surge of relentless gutter and roof repairs completed by the teams at Sudell Guttering.

Last week storm Barra brought high winds heavy rain, and very cold temperatures that caused damage to roofs and gutters across the UK.

We received a surge of calls from new clients over the course of the week, concerned about leaks and damage that was caused by the storm and which were responsible for some problems they were experiencing in their buildings.

We attended a number of the sites as quickly as possible to carry out essential roof and gutter repairs and to quickly get the buildings water tight again.

The damage the storm caused was substantial and varied from roof sheets being lifted, bent and twisted, to guttering being ripped apart from the side of buildings, not to mention a barrage of new blockages caused by the shear force of rainwater jetting roof debris into the guttering/drainage system.

Many of the gutter problems were amplified simply because they had not been cleaned or maintained on a routine schedule. Allowing debris to build up for long periods of time will of course prevent rainwater from draining away efficiently.

Plant life growing in the gutters could eventually grow under and between roofing tiles / roofing sheets causing damage and decay. When this happens it usually results in bigger problems and high repair bills.

Generally speaking, the larger the roof, the more rainwater it will drain and the more debris will land on the roof and into the gutters.

If your building has been built with valley gutters there is even more reason to keep on top of your roof and gutter maintenance.  Valley gutters are different to gutters that run along the perimeter, or the outside face of the building. Valley gutters are positioned internally between the pitches of the roof. Valley gutters accept twice the amount of rainwater and debris from the two roof elevations that drain into them.

Poorly maintained valley gutters often result in rainwater leaking/pouring into the main building with the risk of causing damage to stock, machinery and equipment.

Most insurance companies require periodic gutter cleaning as a policy stipulation. In the event of a claim, failure to prove gutter cleaning maintenance may null and void your claim. 

If you own or are responsible for the maintenance of your warehouse, shop, unit or other commercial premises, we can help you manage your roof and guttering maintenance. Get in touch

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