Gutter Cleaning and Gutter Repairs
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Gutter Cleaning at Large Events Company

We have had the privilege of cleaning out the gutters for GL Events who are well known for their outdoor temporary structures used for large scale events.

Our experienced team of gutter specialists managed to remove a full skip (approx 240kg) worth of debris from the gutters!

The gutters were mainly full of large branches, leaves, and other tree debris that was littered ont the roof from the surrounding trees that are in close proximity to the building.

Large tuffs of grass lay thick across most of the gutter causing big problems, blocking the gutters and preventing rainwater from flowing freely. Many of the outlets and downpipes were also blocked which were stripped down to enable us to unblock them properly. Once the gutters, outlets and downpipes were unblocked and cleaned through, we fitted industrial  down pipe filters to protect the drains from future blockages.

The gutters on one elevation had gutter grids present which were not really providing any benefit and rather causing more problems if anything. These were removed and instead GL Events will be using us to provide regular gutter cleaning maintenance.

As part of the works several gutter repairs were required along with some replacement gutters and downpipe repairs.

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